User reviews

"I've been using the software for a couple of months now and don't know how I kept track of things before hand. I have a number of tanks and this database makes life so much easier. I used to keep spreadsheets but this was so time consuming and cumbersome. AquarioGest makes scheduling cleaning tasks; keeping track of water parameters and all the other things I need so much easier. Cheers."
Dale A. from UK

"I have been using your excellent software for several months now and just want to tell you how invaluable it has been in keeping records of my multiple tanks !"
Adam T. from Australia

"A well thought out and planned software package that takes the guesswork out of aquarium management."
Michael P. from Australia

"I would like to let you know that your AquarioGest program is fantastic! It is thoughtfully designed and beautifully written. I have been an Information Technology Professional for over 15 years, and have written applications in many different programming languages. I am very impressed with your thoroughness and attention to detail, and I will recommend your software to anyone who has an aquarium."
Steve A. from UK

"This really is a delightful piece of software. Not only is it very functional, but also very attractive, making it a pleasure to use. It adapts well to use with ponds as well as aquariums as everything is user configurable. I use it very successfully with my Koi pond. I have contacted support on a number of occasions both before and after my purchase and they have always responded quickly and answered my questions first time around. I highly recommend this software to anyone who wants to manage their pond/aquarium/fish!"
Steve L. from UK

"I just wanted to say thank you for responding to my many requests. I have over 25 freshwater aquariums, most of them planted and it is nice to finally get them organized and things cataloged."
Timothy A. from USA

"I have rarely received such excellent tech support with my software issues. Prompt, polite and effective!"
Doug Z. from Canada

"A wonderfully made program. Very easy to use. The database of fish is excellent! The support staff is very helpful."
Jeff D. from USA

"Absolutely Fantastic Program."
Brian C. from UK

"Thank you very much! So far, I am pleased with the design. It seems you have made the program not only useful, but fun as well."
Karen L. from USA

"Great. Have spent ages looking for something to do this job and this fits the bill perfectly."
Ian S. from UK

"This is very excellent software, and I have suggested to many others that they use it as well. AquarioGest is the BEST software I have ever seen."
Anthony I. from Canada

"Obviously the people who buy this software are intent on keeping track of their fish. I LOVE this program! I have only been using it for 2 days and can not imagine how I ever did without it before."
Jessica C. from USA

"My wife bought me this program, just wanted to say it is a great program. It does everything and more of my other fish programs that I have ever used. If you make a saltwater version one let me know, so I can purchase one. Keep up the good work. Very pleased customer."
Juan H. from USA

"The software is very good, and very helpful to beginners..."
Peter D. from UK

"Hello there! Me and my girlfriend just bought the program from you. It´s great."
Artur S. from Sweden

"Thanks, I love the software, it's great!"
Michael J. from UK

"I had originally attempted to keep my own records using Excel spreadsheets; however, your software package make it so easy! Thanks again for a great product!"
Christopher H. from USA

"This program is great and exactly what I was looking for."
James P. from USA

"Very good program, loaded with details to help you keep track of your aquarium."
Elisabeth Y. from USA

"Nice Software, very well laid out and easy to use, very nice software for maintaining an aquarium, very impressed, well done guy's."
Shane M. from Australia